Shop 2 is Open

Shop 2 is officially open!

Yes! the much anticipated Shop 2 is finally ready and in operation!! Kudos to the guys that spend so much time to get it running within such a short notice.. Located at 70A Dunlop Street, you guys can experience a whole different atmosphere in our Shop 2. Check out the pics to understand what I mean. Seems like ol kool Kao San road? Hahaha. dropby to say hi! And joining us in the new Shop is non other then Sam Mudohori, for tattoo enthusiasts out there, he is definitely no stranger ! We welcome him with our legs spread wide open!Sam, along with Lionel, Yen and Victor will be flaunting their works at Shop 2.. be prepared for some serious inking going on in Dunlop Street!

Shawn’s update. He show us what is the meaning of quality over quantity.. need I say more?Dragon sketch is the 2nd collaboration between Shawn and Augustine.. can you tell the difference. ?

Despite Lionel ‘s task to set up Gimmelove 2, he finally finish his last works in Gimmelove 1. Prior his move to Gimmelove 2, he left us with some mind blowing stuff !

once again, Baldwin prove his versatality.. Despite being well known for his kiss ass Oriental works, he shows that other genre of tattoos is not of an obstacle to him too!

As for the black n grey guru of the shop, Eric hasn’t been lazy,he pulled off a biomech coverup . and of course the cool looking oriental bat thats smack right across the back!


updates for GIMMELOVE!

shitloads of updates in Gimmelove.. damn. blogging is tiring.scroll down to check out the super vast array of works done in Gimmelove for the past weeks!
works of the only lady tattooer in the studio.. presenting, “CindyrellaDarkdiorwithcolorfulmakeup”


im not the guy!

I am so not gonna take the credit for blogging efforts that come from Caveman a.k.a Augustine!im definitely not as descriptive and humourous as this guy here!Dude,I think you’ve opened quite a few eyes because people dont know your command of english is this good. prolly cos u are always listening to 933fm and speaks mandarin all the time.ive been helping to do all the advertising but i aint no blogger here!i have constantly been stealing texts from this blog for announcements and stuffs,thats why everyone thinks im the one who’d updated this site everytime they receive updates.Caveman pls keep up with your interesting posts and blog more!!!!haha, i really had to do this because other than the guys in the shop everyone else thinks ive been doing your job.Give some credit to him guys, since he’s the one who’s been contributing all these interesting entries despite his jampacked appointments.

We ♥ You, WeiBin!


And since this’ll be my first and last time blogging here, i’d like to contribute the Cutest Picture of The Year.
CUTE OR WHAT!?This picture makes me smile!


P.S. Ive added pictures to “Guest in the Shop!!!”


Updates of Horiyama

Backpiece finally completed ! 2 of the most used creatures in Japanese tattoos meet eye to eye, more to come in the front torso.Fasten your seat belts guys.. Tattoos are unstoppable

Wicked thigh piece that is still in the process by Horiyama,all these done in 2 gruelling sittings. Kudos to the wearer, a cool dude that will continue this thigh piece one year later after finishing his Cambodia voluntary work! God bless you for your kindheartedness. Have fun and take care way up north.

Eric’s update

Premium grade koi fish , only available from Gimmelove Aquarium.

Bad ass dragon brought to you courtesy from Eric Ng.woo hoo!

Official news flash!!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls.. Standby for official broadcast.Gimmelove Tattoo has added new crew to the exisiting 4 artists.. the latest addition are Horiyama Shawn, Victor, Eric and Cindy previously from Gate13 Tattoo studio, hereby we welcome them .With this new team addition , Gimmelove will also be opening Shop2 in the heart of Little India, 70 Dunlop Street, affectionately known as the Khao San Road of Singapore. The artists that will be letting go some iinking power in the most colorful and lively part of Singapore will be none other then Lionel, Victor and Yen, so tattoo fans of them can kindly dropby to see them after 14 Feb 2009!As for Horiyama , Eric and Cindy will be in Shop 1 , 29 Niven Road to continue their inking stint.Come in for free hugs and kisses! As for viewing for their works , kindly hang on to your seats for the moment, once I get my hands untied I will update on the artists’ list, will be done in a jiffy I promise!